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5 Axis CNC Precision Ground Micro Grain Carbide End Mills

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Typically when a special end mill is ordered from a manufacturer, the wait can be weeks. However at End Mill Discount we understand the importance of fast turnaround, high production rates, and little to no down time.

Special orders received early in the day often ship the same day or next day.

The requirements of the special may effect shipping time but HTC and End Mill Discount are comitted to give our customers the best possible turn around. Give us a try!

Please provide us with all of the information requested below so that we can manufacture a superior carbide tool for your application.

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*Overall Length:
*Length of Cut:
Number of Flutes:
Helix Angle:
Cutter Rotation:
           Tool End: Square Ball Radius
Machine HP:
Maximum RPM:
*Material to be cut:
Application: New Replacement

Special End Mill