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XM5 Series Extreme Medium Peripheral Cutter

Solid Carbide with Square & Radius Options

5 Flute

Swiftcarb Series XM5 Extreme Medium Peripheral Cutter

The Extreme Series XM5 is a combination of our proprietary substrate and coating, which, along with our geometry, creates the most productive 5 flute tool on the market in Steels, Stainless Steels, and Exotics, for profile light roughing and finishing. IT excels in medium to long wall cuts, or for all profile cuts on lighter duty machines. Its rigid design and smooth cutting action leaves excellent finishes.
  • XM Geometry Creates Less Tool Pressure And Smooth Cutting Action.
  • Premium Engineered Carbide Blanks Are Much Tougher Than The Grades Commonly Available for Making End Mills Resulting In Ultra High Edge Fracture Strength.
  • Strong Core For Better Tool Life And Rigidity Especially In Long Lengths.
  • Eccentric Relief For Superior Flute Strength.
  • Tightest In The Industry Tolerances For Unmatched Consistency.
  • Stocked With MDC Coating For Unmatched Heat And Wear Resistance, Providing Incredible Tool Life In Steels, Stainless Steels, And Exotics.

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